Vanished Hamilton III
Edited by Margaret Houghton

Hamilton has a rich history, with magnificent structures, fascinating people, and interesting events playing such an intriguing role in its growth, but, as it lives up to its name as the Ambitious City, so much of what made Hamilton so unique is now long gone, just a memory for even longtime residents.

In this third volume in the Vanished Hamilton series, local historical societies have come together to highlight some of the captivating, wonderful and unique things - now vanished - that helped make Hamilton such a fascinating place to live.

In Vanished Hamilton III, 19 authors bring back memories of the Mills China Shop, one of the last blacksmiths, Hamilton's ornate yacht club, the five and dime store, the Good Deed Radio Club, old schools, early churches and much, much more.

As in the previous two volumes, readers will find memories of the past coming alive as they re-live Hamilton of another era.
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