Tania LaCaria - Long Lost

Long Lost

The great divide between where she’s been and where she’s going grows wider every day. She stands on the banks of where she is now and looks back: the waters are still rough, she can’t believe she used to swim in them daily. She looks ahead: the scenery is unclear, blurry, but she can make out the faintest forms taking shape in the distance. She’s long lost in the present moment, but that is exactly where she’s supposed to be.



The act of being removed, displaced, rehoused, relocated; to result in a state of disorganization, confusion, elation, inspiration, disruption.  

This collection explores the post-adrenaline lucidity that settles in after having been rearranged, moved, shifted, altered, either in place and body or spiritually in heart and mind, or in most cases, both. 

The artist is asking questions about what results in the heart, mind and psyche after having been physically displaced, as she observes members of her community be un-housed and re-housed, either by choice or by circumstance. In the artist’s personal case, she is aware of her position of privilege as she seeks to move locations and displace herself as a form of empowerment and inspiration; whereas the same experience of displacement for those who have not elected to do so is disorienting, exhausting and draining. Displacement is an exploration of the power behind intention, the divide between social classes and the way conversations about displacement either empower or oppress others based on their socio economic circumstances.


Tania LaCaria
Long Lost
54x48 inches
mixed media on canvas

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