A square thumbnail of Tania LaCaria's artwork.

Tania LaCaria

Tania LaCaria’s paintings embrace an Abstract Expressionism aesthetic through a very introspective, personal perspective. While prioritizing the formal qualities of her works (colour, shape, composition, gesture) she places equal emphasis on development of the deeper meaning and concept that her canvases are intended to evoke – an abstracted expression of her inner self. 

For LaCaria, the painting process is a full-body experience with certain elements holding particularly special significance. Considering the colour black as a representation of herself, she frequently applies black gestures as the first or second mark made on her painted surfaces. Keen to place play and experimentation at the forefront, she uses a wide variety of inks and eccentric tools such as brooms, sponges, rolling pins, and credit cards that encourage her intuitive painting approach.

Lacaria holds a Bachelor of Art with a minor in Art History from York University, ON, and an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College, ON. Her work is held in private collections in Canada.  LaCaria currently lives and works in Hamilton, ON.