Matriarch CBD 8oz Travel Tin

Matriarch – a scent created to honour the strong, beautiful and powerful Indigenous women leaders who uplift their families and communities by being examples of wisdom, resilience and security. This authentic blend of Sage, Rose, Rosewood and Cypress essential oils creates a beautiful balance of woodsy, earthy and sensual floral notes that evoke healing and self-love while opening your heart and raising your vibration. 

Undyed, infused*, 100% natural soybean wax made with DeMontigny's unique and original blends of essential oils and essences, is poured into convenient 8oz travel tins with lids. Soybean wax is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, also burns cleaner and longer than other types of wax candles. These therapeutic infused* candles promotes relaxation, calmness, as well as help to relieve anxiety, stress, various pain conditions, and insomnia.

Oils used and their benefits:

  • Sage: calms nervous system, hormone balancing, activates intuition, wisdom, tranquility, calm, contentment, self-love, sexuality.
  • Rose: sacred flower, enhances beauty, protective, combats anxiety, hopeful, optimistic, full of joy, comforting, stimulates sexual desire, opens the heart.
  • Rosewood: aphrodisiac, peace and security, grounding, abundance, heart healing, relaxing, emotional stability, feminine wisdom, raises vibration.
  • Cypress: strength, serenity, transformation, balances emotions such as deep grief and despair, uplifting energy, expands your perception, trust, wisdom, comfort, healing and production.

Additional details:

  • Quantity: 8oz
  • Wick + packaging: Single cotton wicks, in tin
  • Burn time: 50+ hours
  • Ingredients: Soy wax, sage, rose, rosewood, and cypress essential oils plus 100mg of CBD oil


Angela DeMontigny is an internationally-renowned, Indigenous Canadian artist and designer. Her custom made and ready-to-wear, all leather clothing collections, bold accessories and statement jewelry collections have been sold in specialty boutiques and galleries throughout Turtle Island (North America) and Europe since 1995. Now, she is becoming known for her extraordinary soy candle collection.

These gorgeous and intoxicating scents designed by DeMontigny have become a necessity for the home, office, and cottage. They are the ultimate in sustainable luxury - soy candles in keeping with DeMontigny's native heritage - that are all natural, infused with essential oils that provide a positive and relaxing environment for the senses.

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