Orientalist Art of the 19th Century  |  Author: Patrick Shaw Cable  | Published by the Art Gallery of Hamilton

  • Paperback
  • Jan 01, 2010
  • 62 Pages
  • 10 x 11 x 0.4 in 

Europe's Exoticized East presents a diverse array of lush visions created by 19th-century European artists who specialized in Near Eastern and North African subjects. Drawn from the permanent collection, with painters such as Jean-Léon Gérôme and Charles Bargue and sculptors such as Charles Cordier and Antoine-Louis Barye, this scholarly publication also documents significant works from institutions in Canada and abroad. Examples include Delacroix’s watercolours from his 1832 trip to Morocco, and the magnificent silvered bronze and jasper sculpture The Algerian by Charles Cordier. Richly coloured and representing varying degrees of fantastic, realist and naturalist approaches to the subject, these works of art are also telling visual documents of 19th-century Western cultural and political attitudes toward the Near East.

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