Footsteps... Echoes in the Heart

"​I got my first computer in 1986. That was when I started playing with rhymes. My son by accident wiped the hard drive. That taught me to always make a hard copy of my musings. Since then I have played at my rhymes. I never thought I would get it printed. I got a new boss three years ago, and she encouraged me to take the plunge. If she had not been so positive, I probably would never of had the nerve to put it out there. I am still not confident that it is worth reading." 

  • Hardcover
  • 204 pages

Born on the island of Guernsey in 1944, William Mallett moved to Hamilton, the birthplace of his father, at the age of ten. A man who has tried to live a life that is “right and straight and true,” Mallett has been a factory worker, Navy man, and firefighter; he now works as a groundskeeper in Woodland Cemetery, a place of peace and repose that encourages philosophical ramblings. History buff, swimmer, and onetime runner of marathons, he has always loved poetry. The poet lives in Ancaster, Ontario, with his wife Aznive, her dog Yara, and their cat TomTom.

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