Amy Ferrari - Contrails from the Trellis

Contrails from the Trellis

In her Industrial Captivation series, Ferrari focuses on the industrial scenes found in the Hamilton area. In her own words,

"While not generally perceived as beautiful, the industrial scenes found in Hamilton (Ontario) can be captivating if one takes the time to appreciate the intrinsic beauty as elusive plumes of steam race across the sky, retreating from the mighty monuments of industry.  This collection of paintings aspires to have viewers take a more imaginative look as they mingle the majestic industrial complexes with resplendent colors and lively organic forms.

The glorious trellis-like structure as depicted in Contrails From the Trellis is located near the north end of Parkdale.  The rich complexity of the pipework is reminiscent of stained glass as it brushes the sky with detail.  As one of the most prolific steam makers in town, the plumes are endlessly trying to verge upon the clouds, creating endless undulating waves, animating the sky with buoyancy.  The two larger stacks on the left have two very faint trails drifting out, presenting a gently mysterious disparity, as the smaller stacks are the ones creating such a visual ruckus."

30x40 inches
acrylic on canvas

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