Alex Jacobs-Blum - Ancestral Awakening

Ancestral Awakening

Ancestral Awakenings
Jacobs-Blum is drawn to clay as a world-building material. Introduced in the Hodinöhsö:ni’ Creation Story, clay has shape-shifting properties, offering boundless realms of possibility. Clay is woven into our DNA, joining our earthly bodies with the Moon. In this series, Jacobs-Blum connects with clay through a performance documented in the three photographs. Instinctively and gently, she moves the clay between her fingers, through her hair, and across her clothes and body, entering into a relationship with it. Drawing inspiration from the Moon crafted from clay, she connects the earthiness of the clay to the airiness of the cosmos, suggesting we are constantly tethered, held between earth and all that floats above it.

Alex Jacobs-Blum
Ancestral Awakening
variable sizes, framed
composite photography on archival inkjet paper

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