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Stev'nn Hall

Stev’nn Hall’s artistic practice began with a deep interest in photography and painting at a young age. These disciplines would become an integral part of his life growing up in rural Ontario: a landscape which continues to have a profound influence on his current practice. As he shares:

“I was equally drawn by the vastness of nature, and also threatened by its power and unknown transformative character. My intention…is to render the landscape of my memory as both magical and menacing. Speaking of an uneasy desire to be part of the natural exterior world and at the same time enchanted by the power of it."  

Using his own photography as the base line for his work, he creates and constructs his images as fictive places, fables and dark lures seeking to draw the viewer in. Hall’s weathered and dreamy scenes of open fields, lost lakes and epic vistas are intended as intensely personal explorations of how memory and emotion can shape a landscape and shift perspective.

Stev’nn Hall studied film, painting and photography at Concordia University in Montreal. His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions across Canada and the United States including solo exhibitions at DTR Modern Galleries, Boston, MA (2016); Muse Gallery, Toronto, ON (2016); and Jacana Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2009). His work is represented by commercial galleries in Canada and the United States. Hall currently lives and works in Hamilton, ON. 

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