A square thumbnail of Shea Chang's artwork.

Shea Chang

Shea Chang’s multi-media practice delves into the spatiality of complex otherness.

The abstracted visual motifs in Chang’s work stem from the objects present in her bi-racial home in British Columbia and the natural environment along liminal west-coast shorelines. Influenced by her experiences studying Chinese watercolour, printmaking, and collage, Chang applies thin washes of layered pigment onto the aluminum surfaces of her works. The resulting images take shape by her embracement of the spaces between control and accident, opacity and transparency, alignment and disruption, seen and unseen, in an effort to uncover the invisible symbiotic entanglements in which we all exist.

Shea Chang holds a Diploma of Fine Art from Langara College, Vancouver; a Bachelor of Design, Illustration, from OCAD University, Toronto; and a Masters of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto. Chang is the recipient of numerous honours and awards for her visual art and illustration practice. Her work may be found in private collections across Canada. In addition to her personal practice, she currently teaches as Assistant Professor of Illustration at OCAD University. is currently based in Hamilton, ON.

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