original artwork and paintings by meredith bingham for sale through the Art Gallery of Hamilton's Art Sales + Services department

Meredith Bingham

Meredith Bingham has an honours degree in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario. While her work is largely intuitive, the circle is the reoccurring subject which beckons the viewer to be drawn in to decide for themselves what meaning or message the circle may hold. The backgrounds are labour-intensive but the gestural action that completes the work is done quickly, making the work about the energy that those final marks took to make. Before the final gestures, the ground presents itself as a kind of archeological find, each layer revealing yet another.

Meredith Bingham is represented by five galleries across Canada. Her work was chosen by designer Sarah Richardson to be showcased at this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto and has been featured on Sarah’s House, Sarah 101, Divine Design with Candice Olsen and in numerous issues of Canadian House and Home and Chatelaine magazine. Meredith lives and works in Port Perry, Ontario.