Marko Barakoski

Marko Barakoski

Marko Barakoski is an artist and woodworker based in North Vancouver, BC. A self-taught cabinetmaker, Barakoski specializes in the creation of functional, yet artful, furniture and design. After years working on various construction and building projects, he was confounded by the amount of waste that was being produced, which inspired him to start using this waste to create something meaningful.

Barakoski seeks new and creative ways to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society through the re-use and application of high quality, storied materials. His visual arts practice involves the making of original end-grain relief prints from felled logs sourced from Ontario and British Columbia. Regarding his print work he states: 

“People have a special connection with trees and forests (especially in Canada), something which is encapsulated in the process of putting paper to stump, revealing a unique story from each tree.”

Barakoski holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Art History. His work can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Note that Barakoski's works are limited edition, and pieces noted as sold below may still be available. Please enquire.