A square thumbnail of Liane Bedard's artwork.

Liane Bedard

Liane Bedard was born into a family of artists in Montreal who nurtured her creativity and interest in drawing and painting. After completion of her fine art studies, Bedard began to dedicate herself more seriously to painting in watercolour; a medium which has since become the primary focus of her practice. As Bedard comments:

“The magic of building-up colour while maintaining luminosity thrills me, and this slow layering process, combined with detailed drawing, is my meditation.  In my work, I am interested in exploring the play of sunlight and the design it creates in everyday life…I am inspired to pay tribute to the fleeting moments we all see but pass us by so quickly.”

Bedard holds a Diploma of Fine Arts from CEGEP John Abbot College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Calgary, AB. Her work has been exhibited in numerous presentations across Ontario and more widely throughout Canada in Alberta and Quebec.