A square thumbnail of Kyle Joedicke's artwork.

Kyle Joedicke

Kyle Joedicke is a Cayuga Woodland artist whose work reflects the stories of his Haudenosaunee cultural heritage. Born in Caledonia, Joedicke grew up in the home of a mother of Scottish descent while his father was a Cayuga and Turtle Clan member from the nearby Six Nations of the Grand River. The content of Joedicke’s painting practice is informed by the Haudenosaunee stories of his background while his visual vocabulary is influenced by west coast Haida art and the work of renowned artist, Norval Morrisseau.

In recent years, Joedicke has gained notable recognition for his vibrant, large-scale murals in the local Hamilton area that share the Indigenous teachings he has been learning. One such mural completed in 2021 in Hamilton’s improved Concession Street area translated a set of these teachings. Painted depictions of the stories of seven animals reflecting the oral history and traditions of Indigenous elders span across the mural’s expanse in bright colour and vivid patterning. As he educates himself about the teachings of his ancestral heritage, Joedicke hopes that his artworks offer opportunity to share these meaningful stories with the wider Hamilton community at large.

Kyle Joedicke is a self-taught artist currently based out of Hamilton, ON.