original artwork and paintings by kristofir dean available for purchase or rental through the Art Gallery of Hamilton's Art Sales + Services department

Kristofir Dean

Kristofir Dean is an artist born and based in Hamilton, Ontario. In his painting practice, Dean brings forth the full spectrum of colour in bold shapes and lines into his contemporary painting practice.

Each mark is saturated with rich hues, that vibrate when placed beside one another.Through creation of these colourful pieces, he aims to bring the spectrum back to the home and the wall, transforming the space by adding visual spice. His paintings create optical effects using light and shadow, perspective, and inventive panel shapes that make viewers question their sense of the works' dimensionality. Dean’s art activates a conversation about the quality and value of saturated colours to captivate and lift the energy of a space and the people who inhabit it.

Kristofir Dean holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from OCAD University, Toronto. His work has shown in numerous presentations in Canada, and internationally in the United States, Australia and Hong Kong. He has participated in several artist residencies including those in Hamilton, Ontario and in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy. Outside of the studio and gallery context, Dean’s work been reproduced as large-scale public murals and banners in Vancouver, BC, and has been seen in several National news and lifestyle publications.