A square thumbnail of Dianne Twombly's artwork.

Dianne Twombly

Dianne Twombly is a Hamilton-based visual artist whose surreal digital work addresses themes of transformation and remembrance in both natural and constructed environments.

In her dreamscapes series, Twombly digitally deconstructs the abandoned or declining architecture she photographs and reimagines the artefacts in more spacious, dream-inspired landscapes that speak of the human connection to lost places. Her floral series engages playfully with scale and transparency, creating space for personal reminiscence and contemplation. Through her work, Twombly invites viewers to look more closely at the mundane places and objects that surround us and to see within them a world of new possibilities.

Twombly holds degrees from the University of Toronto, a certificate in Dynamic Media from the Center for Electronic Art in San Francisco, and a BFA from York University in Toronto. Her work can be found in private and corporate collections across Canada.