A square thumbnail of Dianne Twombly's artwork.

Dianne Twombly

Dianne Twombly is a Hamilton based artist and object maker. Current themes of interest that inform her practice include cycles of life, death, decay and renewal in both natural and urban environments, loss and remembrance, consumer fetishism and conspicuous consumption.

Twombly is often drawn to sites of demolition and boarded-up buildings as subjects through which she explores these themes. Taking pictures of such urban environments, she then reassembles and integrates her photographs into new images of imaginary, fictional scenes. Describing her process, she states:

“I tend to shoot dark and utilize high contrast to enhance the rich colours of my subjects. While many of the images may appear gloomy to those who love their pictures bright and cheerful, I find peace in the shadows and comfort in the depth of colour I capture in that fleeting moment of breath between the visual spark and the shutter click.”

Twombly holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Toronto in Ontario and is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at York University. Her works have been exhibited in numerous presentations in Ontario and internationally through online exhibitions in Spain and the United States.