Tania LaCaria - Have You Seen My Poppy Seeds?
Tania LaCaria - Have You Seen My Poppy Seeds?

Have You Seen My Poppy Seeds?

It’s on you to make it happen. Hold tight to the parts of yourself that believe in you. Hold onto the parts of yourself that need you the most. Hold onto the dream, the goals, the joy, the peace, the love, the happiness. Let the pain go. It’s on you, now. You’re the only one who can truly decide what is worth carrying. 


The Hold collection is inspired by the concept of baskets - vessels that were designed to hold and carry items only of a certain size…not everything was meant to be carried. Grains of sand, water, soil, beads, pebbles, leaves, berries… still slip through the cracks. The baskets are meant to hold onto what truly matters, and release whatever doesn’t. The cracks are there to let whatever shouldn’t be contained slip away. The history of basket making has been lost - the basket couldn’t even hold onto its own story.  This collection explores the paradox that exists in the moments of time when letting go is essential in order to be able to carry on with what matters. Not everything or everyone was meant to be kept.


Tania LaCaria
Have You Seen My Poppy Seeds?
40x36 inches
acrylic, spray paint, poppy seeds, coloured pencil on raw canvas

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