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Xiao Wen Xu

Xiao Wen Xu is a self-taught, Chinese-born Canadian artist currently based in Toronto, ON. After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a Masters of Architecture in 2018, she worked at an architecture firm for three years while painting in her free time and participating in numerous juried exhibitions. In 2021, she started painting full-time. 

Xiao Wen Xu's artistic practice is influenced by her contemplative love of the natural environment. Her recent series, Rainbowland Leaves, is a collection of works painted from life using a wet-on-wet technique with watercolour and acrylic gouache. Capturing the realistic shapes of leaves using bold and bright imaginary colours, she seeks to convey her happiness and joy experienced from such a vivid palette and the natural forms of her subject with the viewer; to offer an escape into a “new romantic world.”

Xiao Wen Xu's artwork has been exhibited at the Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters, John B. Aird Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Her works are held in the public collection of the Canadian Mental Health Association and private collections in Canada, China, and the United States.

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