A square thumbnail of Stephanie Vegh's artwork.

Stephanie Vegh

Stephanie Vegh is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator and writer. Over the past fifteen years, her artistic practice has focused on diminutive signs of disaster through history – from the decline of the honeybee populations to the role of rats as medieval plague carriers. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Vegh became interested in lived experiences that conflate comfort with foreboding; an inquiry that she further investigated in her latest series of works.

Through the restricted periods of lockdown and physical distancing, Vegh revisited select popular culture forms with nostalgia. Inspired by her recent visits to the local Starlite Drive-In theatre in Hamilton and recognizing a resurgence in the popularity of the drive-in during the pandemic, she sought to capture the outdated cultural phenomenon in her Starliteseries of paintings. As Vegh describes:

“In these intimately scaled works, miniaturized cinematic scenes are suspended like precious jewel boxes against dramatic skies that enhance the light pollution from an expanding Stoney Creek. Below the horizon, shadowed hints of cars lurk in the night as subtle reminders of a further link between climate change and our everyday pleasures.”

Stephanie Vegh studied Art and Comparative Literature at McMaster University, ON before completing a Masters of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Vegh has exhibited drawings and installations in Canada and the United Kingdom and regularly publishes art writing and criticism in various local and national platforms. She is currently based in Hamilton, ON.

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