A square thumbnail of Sobo Artz' artwork.

Sobo Artz

Sobo Artz’s painting practice demonstrates a principal focus on abstraction. Inspired by the tropical hues of her childhood and the great abstract artists of the 20th century that she encountered in her adolescence, Artz integrates a mixture of carving and layered paint methods to convey a sense of texture and depth in her works. As Artz states:

“I feel there is a freedom of flow and dimension created when colors intermingle and merge together. Painting allows me to "bring to life" feelings and ideas that I transfer to the surface.”

Artz was born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, and currently lives and works in Toronto, ON. In addition to her visual arts practice, she is also a professional recording engineer and songwriter. Her recent focus on the development of her painting practice has led to her exhibition at multiple venues in North America and Asia.