A square thumbnail of Paige Paton's artwork.

Paige Paton

Self-taught artist, Paige Paton, has developed an experimental artistic practice devoted to the reflection of strong emotions and philosophical contemplations. Through a multidisciplinary approach combining analog and digital photography methods with video, she experiments with mixed media collage and digital manipulation tools to add layers and dimension to images that capture fragmented scenes in the landscape.

Paton further shares:

“I look to elaborate on the unspoken, unarticulated, awkward, and confusing elements about ourselves and the Earth at large in hopes of eventually gnawing towards the absurdity of existence, and the odd and beautiful ways in which we can interpret everything that exists.”

Paige Paton’s works are held in numerous private collections in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She currently lives and works in Hamilton, ON.

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