A square thumbnail of Nicholas Capretta's artwork.

Nicolas Capretta

Nicolas Capretta has dedicated his life to pursuing his love and understanding for the natural world through an artistic practice that integrates fine art and tattooing. Capretta’s current practice as a tattoo artist informs his untraditional approach to art and image making.

Employing use of tattoo pigments in his paintings, Capretta works within an undefined space between an historical understanding of what may be considered ‘high’ and ‘low’ art forms. As he describes,

“Tattooing in Western History has traditionally been an art form reserved for outsider counter culture. To have the medium of tattoo ink presented in a fine art gallery holds with it a really compelling dialogue.”

Nicolas Capretta holds a Bachelor of Design, with a focus on Illustration, from OCAD University. He is based in Hamilton, ON where he is also a current resident tattoo artist at local Grey Harbour Tattoo.