A square thumbnail of Nancy Benoy's artwork.

Nancy Benoy

Nancy Benoy is a mixed media abstract painter based in Hamilton, ON. A self-taught artist, she experiments with the expressive properties of acrylic, watercolour and printmaking in a creative practice spanning over 20 years.

Benoy’s latest series of acrylic and mixed media paintings encapsulate her attempt to “capture the essence of joy”. As she describes the process of the series’ creation:

“Deep in the throes of online teaching, negotiating on and off lockdowns and the uncertainty of the future, I’ve picked up the brush and squishes, pushed, pulled, scraped, and layered bright and bold colour and expressive mark making to feel delight. With the sun rising higher in the sky, spring views in sight, compositions came together both spontaneously and with intent.”

Alongside her visual arts practice, Benoy brings her passion, expertise, and positive encouragement to students of all ages through her workshop teachings at the Dundas Valley School of Art, the Art Gallery of Hamilton (where she completed the Community Artist Educator Training Programme) and various other outreach programs throughout the city that bring art into the community.