Tania LaCaria - Stage Door Left

Stage Door Left

Tania LaCaria’s paintings embrace an Abstract Expressionism aesthetic through a very introspective, personal perspective. While prioritizing the formal qualities of her works (colour, shape, composition, gesture) she places equal emphasis on development of the deeper meaning and concept that her canvases are intended to evoke – an abstracted expression of her inner Self. 

This series is inspired by the chaos that takes place in both the physical environment and the human mind before a big event. The artist explores the spectacle that takes place behind the scenes during the “getting ready” phase of an event. The routine preparations that take place before a performance - whether it be backstage, in the changeroom, or at home in front of the bathroom mirror - are expressed in this collection using a variety of symbolic instruments and media.

Life is a performance and the process of “getting ready” before facing “the audience” can be a mysterious, provocative experience, especially when the final sense of Self that is presented to the audience has been carefully crafted and curated to communicate a specific persona.

Inspired greatly by the spectacle of major life events - weddings, funerals, milestone birthdays - as well as public performances - stage plays, concerts, opening receptions - the artist uses various intimate clothing items and body parts to create unique markings on the canvas. These works originated as one large mural which were later cropped into smaller pieces - a nod to the parts of ourselves that are curated for the audience while we withhold the parts of ourselves that we choose not to reveal.


Tania LaCaria
Stage Door Left
20×16 inches
mixed media on canvas

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