A square thumbnail of Margaret Horvat's artwork.

Margaret Horvat

Margaret Horvat is attracted to subjects that offer her the opportunity to explore the effects of light and shadow. Objects that offer many nuances of material and texture – shiny surfaces, raised images, imprinted lettering and patterns – emerge as the preferred subjects of her highly detailed, photorealistic oil painting practice.

Starting with a detailed drawing on canvas, Horvat proceeds to build up her works in many thin layers of oil paint to build up the illusion of depth and light. While drawn to objects that afford her this technical challenge and opportunity, Horvat is also particularly interested in older items that carry a history. As she comments:

“I often choose subjects that have a history to them; everyday objects from the past that have a story behind them. Even if that story is not fully told, they have existed and touched the lives of many people over many decades, and in some cases over a century.”

Horvat’s paintings have been included in several group exhibitions, including recent public presentation in the McMichael Gallery Volunteer Committee Autumn Art Show, Kleinburg, ON; the Raven Art Gallery, Ridgeway, ON; and Oakville Art in the Park, Oakville among others. Her works are held in private collections in Canada and the United States. She currently lives and works in Burlington, ON. 

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