A square thumbnail of Laurie Skantzos' artwork.

Laurie Skantzos

Laurie Skantzos’ abstract painting practice is experimental and rigorous: a process driven by inquiry where discovery and exploration are the main objectives.

Working with oil and incorporating cold wax medium mixed with alkyd, shapes upon shapes are layered using hand cut templates. Through Skantzos’ wet-on-wet working technique, unexpected transfers occur adding further richness to the surfaces of her works. The play between the solid chunks of shaped plywood and the intangible cast reflections that appear around them are integral to each piece and viewers’ physical experience of them. While it appears that each wall sculpture is back-lit, the glow is actually cast from fluorescent paint on beveled edges. The reflection moves and changes intensity according to the naturally changing light.

Though creation of each unique piece begins with use of a template, subsequent ‘paint-overs’ and ‘off-register’ marks emerge as she continues to work their surfaces – slight imperfections that Skantzos welcomes as evidence of their creation by a human hand.

Laurie Skantzos studied Fine Art at the University of Waterloo, ON. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ontario, and she actively participates in shows and art fairs both locally and internationally. Skantzos’ work is included in private collections across North America, Europe and Asia, and is held in the public collection of the Art Gallery of Guelph, ON. She is currently based in Elora, Ontario.

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