Karin Silverstone

Karin Silverstone

Karin Silverstone’s mixed media artistic practice is informed by her personal experiences in and with the landscape. As her imagery depicts scenes from the local environment around her home, her materials and working process are direct reflections of the sustainability measures she prioritizes to aid in its protection. 

Recycled lath and wallpaper refuse emerge as the primary physical elements in Silverstone’s work. Discontinued wallpaper patterns are salvaged from paint stores, and she sources her lath from landfills in the local Guelph area around her home as well as discarded lath from clients who enthusiastically support her up-cycling practice. Once her supports are assembled, she then re-plasters and sands the surface to prepare for her painted/drawn imagery.  

As Silverstone describes: 

The entire process creates a wonderful sense of satisfaction for me personally. The fact that my work is about the environment and is relatively kind to it, and that other people like these artworks, is really, truly gratifying.” 

Karin Silverstone holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a major in Fine Art and a minor in French from the University of Guelph, ON. Her works may be found in numerous private collections across Canada, the United States and France, and is held in the public collection of the Art Gallery of Guelph. Alongside her personal practice, she works as a high-school art teacher, presently teaching senior visual arts. She currently lives and works in Guelph, ON. 

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