A square thumbnail of Jane Theodore's artwork.

Jane Theodore

With a background in graphic design and illustration, Jane Theodore has had a successful career as a print-maker but in 2013 shifted the focus of her artistic practice exclusively to painting.

Theodore’s work is a process-driven, spontaneous exploration of gesture, form and colour. Preferring an intuitive approach, Theodore does not pre-plan her works. Beginning each painting with a single colour, her compositions are revealed as layers of paint are added and subtracted, as forms appear and disappear, and as the paint is scratched or scraped to expose what lies beneath. Linear elements and active surfaces mark Theodore's paintings, while a high-intensity use of colour invites a visceral reaction from her viewers. Further describing her approach, she states:

“I respond to what is happening in the painting. It's an interesting process, and dependent on many variables in addition to technique that are different each day in the studio - mood, attention, and levels of patience – those shifts also appear in the work.”

In addition to her formal training in graphic design, Jane Theodore completed various courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art and the Toronto School of Art. Her work is included in the Collections Canada website, Women Artists in Canada, and is represented in numerous private collections throughout North America and Europe. Theodore lives and paints in Toronto, ON.

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