A square thumbnail of Erin Breau-Barkley's artwork.

Erin Breau-Barkley

Erin Breau-Barkley’s painting practice is informed by the shared memories and multi-generational photo archive of her family which she re-tells through oil painting. The images portrayed in her works reflect pieces of a larger story spanning many decades about home, place, identity, longing and time. Stories of desire, pride, loss, ownership, freedom, motherhood, sisterhood, and selfhood.

The elusiveness and ambiguity of the spectrum of memory is what Breau-Barkley aims to capture in her paintings - the space in between her own actual memory perception and personal ideologies about her life, and its connectedness within the larger socio-cultural memory in which we all exist. Her interest lies in the intersection between the variations of memory and in the re-articulation of images in an effort to harness the ethereal and familiar feelings of storytelling.

Breau-Barkley studied at OCAD University in Toronto, ON and later earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS. She currently lives and works in Toronto with her partner and two children.

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