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Cat Marchese

Cat Marchese is an ardent creative, passionate drummer and a self-taught photographer who mines her love of history as inspiration for her research-based artistic projects. 

Marchese is particularly fascinated by decaying things - crumbling buildings, forsaken institutions, derelict hotels, abandoned subway stations, deserted cities: the structural remains and “ghostly bones” of once elaborate and peopled places. Her extensive project, Citybonez™, pays photographic homage to these stately skeletons through her imaging of building blocks manufactured by brickyards of the regional area dating back to 1889. Her images document relics from John Price Brick Maker, Hamilton Pressed Brick, Milton Pressed Brick, and the Don Valley Brick Works: brickyards that produced the architectural bones of such historic landmarks as Massey Hall, Casa Loma, the Ontario Legislature and the University of Toronto's Hart House and Convocation Hall. Marchese dedicates herself to preserving the collective societal architecture; to shine light on the remnants of these historical establishments before they are irreversibly cast-off and thrown away.

Marchese’s work has been presented at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and Riverdale Artwalk and included in numerous exhibition venues including the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Her works are held in numerous private collections in Canada. She is currently based in Toronto, ON.

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