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Ana Gribbons

In her painting practice, Ana Gribbons seeks to convey an element of mystery in the unique moments of urban places, movements, and presence she encounters in her daily life. 

Using her own photographs as reference material, Gribbons is particularly drawn to the luminous colours and interesting forms captured in the snapshots of her preferred subject matter that ranges from neighbourhood locales to transit experiences. Preferring use of acrylic paint, she utilizes the fast-drying versatility of the medium to explore different ways of portraying her chosen imagery. In her own words:

“Painting is a process of discovery - of my inner self and the world around me. Feeling is an essential motif behind my work. I want to engage the viewer, beyond the surface of the painting, to stimulate his or her own mood or memory from the scene.”

Gribbons studied Art History at the University of Guelph, ON, Fine Art at Concordia University, QC, and painting at Toronto School of Art, ON. Her work is now held in private collections in Canada and the United Kingdom. She is currently based in Burlington, ON.

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